Recognition can come from unexpected places.

Last night was incredible. I went to a gig with my closest friends on the planet, had drinks at one of our most frequented hangouts, then went back to a lock-up, where we all wasted time together into the next afternoon. It doesn’t sound too special, put like that, but I reached a point where I didn’t think a night could possibly feel more beautiful.

I made new friends, caught up with old ones, had conversations with people I haven’t been out with in altogether too long, and laughed until I cried with people I can barely seem to go a week without. Nights like last night mean the absolute world.

I love this crowd of people more than I can find the words to express. Each person is so different, and there’s so much I know and don’t know about all of them. The conversations I have with each of them are so varied – the way they talk, or their sense of humour – it’s such a weird thing to think about, how a personality is evident in the way you communicate. But it’s a brilliant thing. Even if you couldn’t see faces, or distinguish voices from any other, you could still recognise a person from their dialogue. That’s astounding. Everyone has such a distinctive character. I love all of it.

Last night one of my friends dedicated Mac DeMarco’s ‘My Kind Of Woman’ to me because he knows it’s my favourite song by him. Sentences that begin “I’m only telling you this because I’m drunk, but…” are becoming some of my favourites. Someone I’d never met before brought out a copy of his single because he knew I’d be there, but kept hold of it until halfway through the post-gig drinks because he didn’t want to just seem keen. Moments like these are what make me so in love with the world. I can’t express how much it means to me. I’m going to end up with such an ego though.

I’m feelin’ so tired, but most of all, I’m feeling good.


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