Last night I put on a gig.

It’s something I’ve been looking for the opportunity to do for a while. I pestered my editor to let me have a hand in the shows we put on, and he agreed. I helped choose the line-up, promoted it to everyone I knew in the area, and was ready to work the door at the first show I’d assisted in the organisation of. Then a band dropped out. As the only person with nowhere I had to be the next day, it fell to me to fix the situation and make all arrangements. After a boatload of stress and a few tidal waves of nerves, I managed to find two bands to step in last minute.

The turnout wasn’t quite what I hoped, but for my first attempt, I’m pretty proud. Sure, we could have drawn more people in, or made some money off it, but I’m happy with how everything turned out. I got to put on a local act who’re really quite impressive, my two favourite unsigned groups in Birmingham, and a prominent up-and-coming band from London-via-Leamington. And it was a good show. All of those who played were totally wicked.

Thank you to Loom, whose onstage antics and unrivalled appreciation for houmous provided amusement-a-plenty. Thank you to JUICE and Curb, who I love more than I love a lot of bands, and who I will forever hold dear to my heart. And thank you to Ghosts Of Dead Airplanes, who I should probably have paid more attention to before now – they definitely seemed impressive from where I was sat. Thank you to everyone who turned up to watch, everyone who applauded between songs, and especially those who danced along. You made it something I won’t forget.

Next show I’m working on is God Damn at the Hare & Hounds in King’s Heath on 18th January. Can’t wait.


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