Remember, remember, the fifth of November…

Last night I met some friends in town to celebrate and commemorate Bonfire Night. We walked through the city, feeling merry, and made our way to the top floor or a parking lot.

The view was astounding. I’ve always loved how city lights look from a distance. Being from the countryside, it was the only way I ever really saw them. But that night, they were all around us. I wrapped someones blanket around my shoulders and danced around the empty space like a superhero on MDMA. I felt like I could have flown.

One friend put something in his vodka. It turned the most beautiful shade of purple. We downed it between three of us. We were surrounded by friends, then the second the bottle hit the floor, we noticed it was just us. I remember taking the lift to the ground floor only to find there was no exit down there. I had to half carry a friend towards town, but all of us gave up before we made it, and lay down on the floor under a shelter from the rain, and dozed.

I opened my eyes and there was a woman stood over us. I was too far gone to react. She covered us in a blanket, and tucked us in, before standing up again and smiling. When I next opened my eyes, she was gone.

We finally made it to town, and I think I bought everyone breakfast and water. The back of my friend’s head was cut and bleeding. He must have cracked it on the ground before. He threw up blood, all over my thighs. We used so many napkins cleaning him up, and cleaning up the mess. We made it back to mine, at long last, and my friends both slept. I went in to university. I don’t remember a single thing from the lecture. I don’t really remember walking home. I finally got to sleep.

The night started off so beautifully. I was in a haze of happiness, looking out through the city I’ve become so at home in, with friends I adore. Everything kind of fell apart at the seams. Though I am thankful for our guardian angel.

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