It’s been three years since I first lost someone who was truly a part of my life.

It’s so strange how much has changed. I didn’t even think about it until I heard a certain song in town. Somehow this time of year always brings me back to these songs. Maybe it’s a subconscious thing. It seems too much to be a coincidence.

I remember coming home in the evening and hearing the news. I remember going to the pub and drinking anything I could think to have ordered. I didn’t want it, or like it, or really understand why. It just seemed like a logical reaction.

I remember going home early, getting a lift and sitting in the front seat looking out at the dark. I always really liked being driven places in the dark. The city lights look so beautiful on that route too. Everything was so peaceful.

I tried talking some friends into coming over to mine for some drinks tonight, but no one could/would make it out.
So I’m sat at home, listening to the songs that I know will make me sigh instead of smile.

It’s a close friend’s 21st Birthday. We’re going to drink, see bands, and be merry.

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