Life’s full of expectations. If you go to the zoo, you’d expect to see a tiger. If you go to the cinema, you’d expect somewhere to serve popcorn. If you go to university, you expect – somewhere along the line – to come into contact with drugs (as demonstrated when I went home last easter, and the first question my dad asked was “so, you tried any drugs yet?“).

For something so frowned upon, they sure as hell are common. And if you’re in or connected to a student crowd, it’s often presumed that you or someone you know will know how to get a hold of some. The question is, do you try them?

My first taste was in the toilets of a club. I’d been to see a local band play a show, and their guitarist invited me and my friend out with them after. So we walked from the venue to the clubnight (with a short diversion to a smoke-filled room almost empty except for a cage dancer – but that’s a different story), and met them all there. We drank, we chatted, and drank and chatted some more, then the offer of something a little bit stronger was on the table. So off to the toilets we went, then out into the smoking area, then the street, and a pub beyond.

I had a really good night.

There’s something to be said for social drug use. It loosens you up, makes you more talkative, more open, happier, more confident. Of course, there are plenty of dangers, side-effects, and pitfalls, most of which are unavoidable no matter how careful or sensible you think you’re being. And there are more sensible ways, right? A few mixed drinks should have similar social effects. So why do people do it? Is it wise? Probably not. Do we care? Definitely not. We live for the moment and have as good a time as we can in the process, and if that’s the way it’s done, then so be it.

It’s almost October. The month is being used as an excuse by many to quit an activity they’re less than happy with (be it drugs, smoking, drinking, or other-such). So, whatever your so-called ‘habit’ may be, it’s not the be-all and end-all. If you want to stop, you stop. If you want to take a break, do that. We’re not addicts, we’re just turning into our twenties, finding the best ways to express ourselves, having a laugh whilst we’re still free, and adjusting to a time where we might not be. We’re in this together – and what could be wrong with that?

You’re only young and reckless once. So why not let that be when you feel at your safest?

This is my justification.

Don’t do drugs.

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