I first found out about Peace when I was catching a coach back home from Birmingham just before my first year of university ended. I didn’t know Digbeth at all, judged everything wrong, and ended up at the coach station well over an hour early. Rather than waiting around on my arse, I decided it’d be more worthwhile to go to the vintage fair at The Custard Factory up the road. On the way, I passed a huge billboard with a photo of four guys on it, and in big white letters, “WHAT THE FCK BIRMINGHAM.” Bblood was a really early track of theirs. I fell a little bit in love.

I saw my friends’ band last night, and watching them play reminded me why I fell so in love with this city’s music scene in the first place. Hearing their first demo performed on stage took me back a year to first finding their music, being really intrigued as to who they were, wondering how someone on my course seemed to know them, and eventually bumping into one of them at a clubnight after a gig.

I know so many people in bands now. Everyone seems to be making music. It’s a beautiful thing. But being a fan of a local band before we all started running in the same circles, when I’d have no idea who the people in the group or the crowd were, I almost forgot what that was. The buzz of stumbling across something so completely new was incredible. Like suddenly finding yourself on dry land after a week at sea: you found yourself on the precipice of something great, and it was exactly where you were meant to be.

Now it’s everywhere. That’s not a bad thing. It’s just different. Going to gigs and seeing new bands has become almost a standard pastime. I haven’t gone a week without seeing live music since mid-May. I love it. I get to spend time with, see, and meet the best people. It’s not all as sparkling and new as it was this time last year though (and to be fair, how could it possibly be?). I sometimes miss that feeling.

I’d post the demo of Bleak, but it’s not online anymore, so you’re going to have to either listen to the copy you ripped from soundcloud back when, reminisce if you heard it before, peruse the internet, or just simply imagine how great it was but live without hearing it.

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